The Dessert Monster 1

Hello my fellow Dessert Monsters!

This is the ‘About Me’ section of the ‘About’ page!

Where to start… A brief intro of myself before I divulge those ooey-gooey fun facts…

I am THE Dessert Monster, 19 years through my journey thus far and looking forward to the future! I have loved baking yummy treats since my Godmother first started spoiling me silly with sugary snacks. We would always bake together and those are my favorite memories with her.

I spend hours gazing lovingly at recipes on my iPad just dreaming of when I can finally get my hands on to all of the ingredients to make such wonderful creations. (Also I have to make some time to do so as well! Which I must confess is not always easy with a Baby Dessert Monster around!)

Random Ooey-Gooey Facts:

  • Favorite color(s): Purple & Green
  • Favorite flavors: Raspberry & chocolate!
  • Favorite types of Chocolate: Basically all types of chocolate!
  • Favorite type of Dessert: Cheesecake, Cupcakes with filling!

My Dessert Monster Family:


Giggle Monster: Newest addition to my family. Scorpio just like her mommy! Has yet to taste the amazing desserts that her wonderful mommy makes for everyone else in the family!

Chocolate Monster: Cannot usually eat chocolate which doesn’t let her indulge in half of my delectable desserts, however the desserts she does get to enjoy she LOVES!


Nerd Monster: Loves basically anything that includes cheese or chocolate. She usually is seen laughing in the kitchen at my mistakes or when I my hands are stuck together with marshmallows gooeyness!


Princess Monster: One and DONE is what she should do but she’ll eat as long as you let her. Usually leads to a sugar rush and then a MAJOR crash!


Candy Monster: Loves all desserts, not afraid to take seconds, or even thirds!


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