Easter Weekend & Spring is in the Air!

So tomorrow is the day before Easter, and all through the Monster house, a sweet sweet smell will be baking… Okay, so I’m way better at baking then trying to rhyme and make a little story. Anyway tomorrow I will be making some super sweet treats for my crazy fun family. Now I am not quite sure what I will be making but I know several things that I might be making.

  • Some simple brownies with a new delicious candy & chocolate flare. Easy to make and super yummy!
  • A Bunny Cake or a Pooh Bear Bunny Cake (Not sure which one yet!)
  • Tiramisu Cupcakes!

I can not wait until tomorrow to play with my new decorating tools!! My legs are so sore tonight! I went on a 3 hour walk downtown and in the park with Mr. Monster and Giggle Monster. It is finally looking and feeling more like spring!!!  You know what that means, more springy flavors available to play & bake with!!

Comment to let me know if you have anything you’d like to see! I’m open to anything sweet and delicious!!

-Blog ya tomorrow! -The Dessert Monster-



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