My New Toy: Dessert-decorator Pro

So, as an early Easter gift my Monster family got me a new kitchen/dessert toy! In the past I have always frosted and decorated with a plastic bag that had a hole cut out of the corner. Needless to say I wasn’t very successful with that homemade tool. (However it still was delicious! Just lacked in the appearance section.)


I have yet to use this new toy but was quick to take photos with it!!


It comes with 6 different tips and is dishwasher safe (Which is GREAT because I am lazy when it comes to clean-up time!) The different tips include: the Wilton 336, Wilton 1M, Wilton 125, Wilton 21, Wilton 4B, and Wilton 230. But I prefer to call them by my own names. Leaf/Ribbon, Big ‘star’, Flat thingy, Little ‘Star’, Super pokey thingy, & the Filler tip! I’m sure I’ll get them down… eventually… Also it comes with a little draw-string mesh bag for the tips to go into the dishwasher with!


The main container is stainless steal so it won’t absorb the flavors. It also will help keep it at your desired temperature. It’s also designed for people who are right & left handed. Which I think is a great idea and pretty nifty!

As I have previously said, I have not yet used this but once I have then I shall report back with how I liked it. (Maybe even a video or picture step by step to make pretty designs!) I am pretty psyched to get to finally use this product! It’s a pretty big step up from plastic baggies if I do say so myself!

-Until nextime, The Dessert Monster-






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